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The Best Things I Read This Week

September 5, 2012

I post quite a few things I read on social networks, and as a result I am frequently asked by friends and colleagues, “How do you find time to read all this stuff?” Part of the answer involves seeking connection: I connect with many folks through social networks (particularly Twitter), so this becomes a convenient source of formational material. My Twitter feed produces an enormous amount of material, so it does mean setting limits on what I have time to look at. I can’t (and don’t) read everything, and I’m ok with that (though if you post an MST3K video clip I will ALWAYS take a look). So I’ll mark some things I find as “favorites” and go back to them later. But the main secret lies in trying to follow a personal “Rule of Life.” My ROL includes 15 minutes of devotional reading each day. I’m getting pretty good at it, but even so I don’t always do it every day (I have young kids, but mostly I’m just not as disciplined as I’d like to be). I have found this exercise to be a wonderful way to help me stay balanced and growing spiritually.

Periodically I would like to post links to some of the most formational articles or books I am discovering through this discipline, at a particular time. If you also discover a helpful, meaningful, or encouraging thought through them-fantastic!

The best things I read this week…

Jonathan Martin writes about Communion being more than a symbol.

My friend J.R. Briggs writes about the difference between “potlucks” and “caterers” when thinking about church.

Read everything you can by Enuma Okoro. Start with this, where she invites us to tell ourselves a better story.

Jason Fowler writes about eschatological vision. Christians/churches need to reflect on this sort of thing.

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