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Advent Thought: Hushed Alertness

November 23, 2010

The writers of the current issue of Leader (which my congregation uses to assist in our worship planning) named this year’s Advent theme “An Unexpected Hour”. In their introduction to the theme they mentioned the phrase “hushed alertness” as a posture we will try to develop during this season. One way this can be practiced is by incorporating disciplines like silence and stillness into our gatherings, as well as into our daily routines. Perhaps a posture of “hushed alertness” could offer us fresh and healthy ways to reflect on how we use our time and how we might create space to be more attentive to the work of God?

We can extend that silence and unhurriedness into our day-to-day lives during the weeks leading up to Christmas … make space for some apparently unproductive, open, room-to-breathe time. Maybe we need fewer meetings. An earlier bedtime. A leisurely conversation with an old, or new, friend; with a child; with a spouse. Time to pray. Time to remember why we are people of faith to begin with; to remember the ways of the One who made us; to receive the Love who was born in poverty to unwed parents in the yawning back-country town of Bethlehem.”

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