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A Habit of Praise

October 22, 2010

Beginning in November our church community will be invited to create a daily journal of praises/blessings. We will write these down each day until our Thanksgiving Eve service, where we will reflect on what we are thankful to God for. This practice fit well with what I was reading this morning in James Bryan Smith’s The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows.

In chapter 3 Smith discusses how to make praising God a habit, something natural that just happens and is part of our daily life. Of course, this requires practice (like anything else that would become a habit). Smith provided two quotes that were helpful to me. The first is from David Crowder:

When good is found and we embrace it with abandon, we embrace the giver of it…Every second is an opportunity to praise. There is a choosing to be made. A choosing at each moment. This is the Praise Habit.

He also quotes Augustine, who described the person who naturally practices the praise habit as being one who is “An Alleluia from head to toe.” (72).

Today I discovered something that made it so easy to praise God: my 1 year old son said “Daddy” for the first time! I loved that he said it, but even more so the gusto and excitement he said it with. It was like the word exploded out of him with smiles and glee. I am so very grateful to God for that moment. And I hope that it encourages me to develop a habit of praise for our Creator-by remembering the big blessings like this one, but also by noticing the small blessings that occur in my life, like this amazingly colorful Autumn day.

What are you grateful to God for today? How might we cultivate a daily praise habit so that we can be a bunch of walking “Alleluias”?

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