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Christendom with a Capital C

September 21, 2010

I saw this today (courtesy of Relevant Magazine) and I shuddered. I don’t like this storyline. Annually it seems that some evangelicals get pretty bent out of shape over something called “The War on Christmas”. Cable news personalities will stir the pot over this (also an annual tradition). Facebook fan pages usually start appearing soon: “Click if you think store employees should say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Season’s Greetings” (where is that “Dislike” button already…). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping Christ in Christmas…especially in ways that, you know, actually do this. I just don’t want him in any way connected with American consumerism or pointless religious bravado or both. Or with a longing for some kind of Christendom era place of prominence that, let’s face it, is done and really not helpful.

So here’s the trailer for Christmas with a Capital C:

What if, instead of…

  • getting upset about the type of greeting one gets at a store,
  • or being concerned with plastic nativity scenes,
  • or watching poorly conceived movies,
  • or blaming atheists,

…what if we spent time thinking about the purpose of seasons like Advent & Christmas, two things that, despite ties to Christendom, could perhaps continue to inform & shape us? What if we discerned together fresh ways to participate and find a place in the grand Story these seasons seek to help us embody?

What if the result could be actually reconnecting with the Story about One who came to earth in the most subversive way possible, born to peasant parents living in borrowed space, with odds against Him in every way, living in the midst of a very non-Christendom world? This is the world that Jesus the Christ came to, and He began to turn it completely upside-down. And that’s a storyline and way of life that I would much rather be involved in.

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