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God with us

November 17, 2009

God’s Story: God dwelling with creation…

  • God with us (In the garden)
  • God with us (Promising Abraham)
  • God with us (Guiding Moses)
  • God with us (Camping with the Israelites)
  • God with us (In the temple)
  • God with us (In the flesh)
  • God with us (Displaying the Way, the Truth, and the Life)
  • God with us (On a cross)
  • God with us (Resurrected!)
  • God with us (In Spirit-Among the Body-Sending)
  • God with us (On a mission)
  • God with us (As the Kingdom emerges)
  • God with us (Beginning and End)

God has a mission, God is on the move. God is with us, and God is sending us. The bridge is out in our town. It will be harder for people to find our church building. Could this be a reminder that the Church is sent out? Where are we seeing God at work in the Perkiomen Valley (God with us), and how might we join in and find our place in this Story?

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