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My Third Place

August 4, 2009

Third place” was a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg to describe a socially important location separate from the two usual places we spend much of our time, home (first place) and the workplace (second place). Common “third places” are pubs, parks, and cafes/coffeehouse. The coffeehouse is my preferred “third place”, and I thought I would share a little bit about the one I frequent. And it just so happens that recently they received some much deserved publicity from an article in the Times Herald.

doc4a6a9369dacee896293983I discovered Java’s Brewin’ in Limerick just before they opened a couple years back. Ever since moving to the Perkiomen Valley I longed for a cafe that served great coffee and offered space for conversation; essentially a fun place where people could gather and meet. I got spoiled during my college years on the Main Line, where there were many such places. This was also where I developed a bit of “coffee snobbery”-a love of good coffees and espresso – that you simply can’t find at 4 letter convenience stores 🙂 OK, my friend Wezlo is partially responsible for this too…

While visiting Waltz’s golf center on the other side of Ridge Pike, I noticed that a sign had gone up on one of the new buildings across the street. After seeing the sign, I told my in-laws that night, “We finally got a coffee shop!” And we got a good one! Java’s is a great place to gather and to experience some fantastic food and coffee (I recommend the Organic Mexican Dark Roast, and the muffins are the best I ever had-it’s really not even close!). But the best part about the place is the staff. The cafe is owned and operated by the Barretta family and you simply won’t find a more friendly bunch. They really make this a fun place to be. That’s a major reason why so many of us keep going back (numerous times per week!).

Check it out when you’re in town. And I’ll probably see you there!

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  1. wezlo permalink
    August 5, 2009 12:23 am

    I am proud to have contributed to your coffee snobbery!

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