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Good post on Pastoral Education

June 3, 2009

My friend Wezlo wrote a great piece on the current problems with much seminary/pastoral education in this country. Check it out. He raises good questions here, and I hope some seminaries are listening. But our churches need to be on board too for any kind of beneficial change to take place. I can say all I want about seminary having to change, but as a pastor, if the church isn’t buying a new model of leadership (and leadership development), it just ain’t happening. I’ve been pleased with how my denominations’ seminaries have had some conversation with pastors and congregations about tailoring their education model to better fit the context we find ourselves in today, and I hope we continue to find our way together.

  1. wezlo permalink
    June 6, 2009 3:33 pm

    Yah, I’ll need to write a post on that this week…

  2. May 19, 2012 9:28 pm

    I am a church pelatnr in North Philadelphia. Going on my 3rd year as a Pastor. I was never the classroom type. I won’t knock the academic approach to going into ministry but from my observations I have found that there many aspects of the ministry that cannot be dissected in the classroom. Two major aspects that make or break the ministry leader is -How to handle and resolve conflict.-Personal accountability.When it comes to dealing with hard core problems. The uniqueness of individuals, culture and situations are so various this would be an ever changing curriculum and techniques. Of course it will be biblically based just individually appropriate. Conflict resolution needs to be taught at the ground level of ministry that way the heart of the leader is understood when distributing discipline and/or counsel. How about personal accountability for the Pastor? The importance of this can be taught in the classroom but when it’s game time the fundamentals are usually discarded as we default survival mode. The intangible virtues of a great leader are better caught then taught. I was fortunate to be entrusted with ministry within the greater church. My stewardship of ministry was held accountable as I was. This approach revealed qualities about me that either gained recognition or further spiritual tweaking. All that to say I am for information but within the context of situations that set us up for impartation. I’m reading some great thoughts of others here that I really appreciate. I hope I add value to the conversation.

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