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The Blue Parakeet: Part Four

October 22, 2008

The final third of the The Blue Parakeet is devoted to considering the principles of Bible reading (Story/Listening/Discernment) alongside the sometimes contentious issue of women in church ministries. It is kind of like a case study, and here he is very honest about his own journey and engagement with this topic. But it is not application in terms of “five easy steps to…”. He shares some ideas but leaves the reader and the Holy Spirit to work at discernment. This is where it gets very real and maybe even a little scary, because we may not all come out at the same place. But can we still relate to one another with respect, graciousness, and gentleness even though we might disagree?

This section is not an exhaustive study of the topic (which he admits) but rather an exploration of the issue in light of the thesis of the book. That being said, I found it to have a great amount of depth on the topic, and to be a good example of how to interact with a challenging topic in light of scripture, tradition, and contextualization, while remaining open to the Spirit.

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