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Thinking about worship

August 17, 2008

Last week members of our church‘s Worship Commission led the entire service and did a fantastic job (neither of us pastors were involved in any up front leading). The service was done outdoors at our church camp, and the focus was on fulfilling the call to be stewards of God’s creation. Not only was the participation from various people a good thing, but the group also realized the importance of the teaching environment as a learning tool, and tied the theme of worship to the place (made for a great visual aid, and something we’re not always able to do well in a more plain sanctuary). Thanks to all the commission members, who really put together a creative and meaningful time of worship.

In thinking about worship, I wondered, “What would it be like if a certain cable sports network was involved in worship planning?” Thanks to Wezlo for the link and bluefishTV for the video…

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