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Random acts of blogging

August 13, 2008

In her latest blog post, Phyllis Tickle finds “church” happening in places we might not suspect. I want to start one of these groups…

Romal Tune wonders about political labels here and here. I like this line: “Shouldn’t we be seeking unity in the body of Christ, rather than entrenching ourselves in positions that distance us from each other? It’s hard enough trying to do the work of ministry, so why should we expend so much energy defending ourselves against other Christians?”

I like this post, and I wonder if more US Christians are ready to embrace a holistic approach to being “pro-life”…

This is an older article, but it’s summer and too good to pass up!

Only nerds like me would be into this, but it’s creative! Can I trade an R.C. Sproul for an N.T. Wright and a John Howard Yoder?

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