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The power of telling a story

August 4, 2008

I came upon this post from Zack (posted on “Revolution in Jesusland”) about one young man’s journey toward a belief in non-violence. And read the comments from the post; some made me laugh out loud!

What was interesting to me was the way in which this guy was sort of, “converted”-by reading the personal stories of folks like Don Miller and Shane Claiborne. There is such power in the simple telling of one’s story, and I find it to be so much more influential than the idea of argument & debate. When it comes to hot topics like war/pacifism/non-violence/politics/etc, we often have a hard time communicating with one another in this country, and even in our churches. But there’s something disarming about a person humbly sharing their story (mistakes & all), rather than formulating talking points to defeat any challengers to one’s view. I’m trying to be better at the former way, as I’m learning that this really could do much for our ability to communicate & reconcile with one another.

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