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Another reason to not like fast food…

December 14, 2007

I received this notice from Sojourners today. Makes me like fast food even less…

Farm workers who toil to pick tomatoes for Burger King’s sandwiches earn 40 to 50 cents for every 32-pound bucket of tomatoes they pick, a rate that has not risen significantly in nearly 30 years. Workers would have to pick 2.5 tons of tomatoes just to earn minimum wage for a typical 10-hour day.

But instead of joining other fast-food chains in paying an extra penny per pound for its tomatoes, this Christmas Burger King is working to undermine those chains’ existing agreements with the Coalition for Immokalee Workers. As a result, tomato pickers in Florida are facing the prospect of losing the first significant raise some of them have seen in nearly 30 years.

Tell Burger King to stop being a scrooge and start paying farm workers fair wages! Click here to take action.

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