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The Now Generation

December 13, 2007

We have been talking for some time about how to value and involve young people in the life of our church. This is a topic that is definitely worth unleashing our imagination on to see what we come up with. In the winter 2007 edition of Leader magazine, Melanie Zuercher wrote an article titled, “The Now Generation “, which challenges youth and adults within congregations to integrate with one another, and gives some good food for thought as to why we need to do this. I’ve become more and more an advocate of this type of methodology within churches, feeling that intentional ways of relating to one another and ministering together only make our community/congregation stronger (and perhaps more attractive to young adults). If everybody feels they have a meaningful place and purpose within the congregation, the more likely they will continue to be there. We all can benefit and learn from one another. But we have to be willing.So let’s consider some questions:

-As adults, how can we create opportunities/share responsibilities with young people in the church? What might need to change (worship/structure/programs) in order for us to meet them where they are?

-As a teenager, how could you see yourself using your gifts–right now–in our church? And are you willing to do so?

Let me know what you think…

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